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A Little Too Much Alcohol

Hey there once more everyone. It’s time for another fresh wd girls update today and you get front row seats to the classy stories as always. For this time we have a little blonde slut as she managed to get herself dizzy as she went with a lucky guy to a hotel. Well she did intend to have sex, but it seems that the fuck session was stopped short as this lovely hottie found herself feeling falling asleep midway through the fucking. And she had no other choice but to grab the garbage can in the room as she simply couldn’t hold up.

Well the guy managed to capture this wdgirls adventures while she was completely naked as she threw up, but not because he was mad at her or anything. He just had to write about this and tell about it to his buddies. Be sure that this lady is packing quite a hot body and he was extremely lucky to get to fuck her even a bit tonight. Well anyways sit back and enjoy reading about this naked beauty as she throws up in the can instead of having sex. We’re sure you will enjoy it and as always we’ll see you again next week with more!


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