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WD Girls Dizzy Night

We’re here again with more awesome wd girls stories to tell. In this update you get to know about a lovely and sexy chick as she passes out on the table after having too much to drink. Just before she fell asleep she was wondering who had the bright idea to have a vodka night in the middle of the week of all days. Well, who cares any more as she sure as hell didn’t after the third or fourth glass that she chugged.  Let’s not sit around any more and start this story with her as she gets made fun of by her friends tonight.

Before she fell asleep, her more sober buddies couldn’t just let this kind of opportunity fly by them. You know the saying, a tipsy person is the most honest person you can find. And so they started asking her questions about her adventures in bed. And you just have to hear what this slutty woman has to say about herself and what she likes to do when she gets it on with another lady. Then, without any regret, she passed out on the table while her buddies are all laughing. Well let’s hope she won’t remember this by morning.


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