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Making Out in Public

This fine week we have some fresh wd girls story for you and you simply can’t miss it. For this one we have two very cute and hot short haired ladies that will put on a hot lesbian show in the public outdoors today. This is part of a little outing that some friends had and everyone seems to have gotten a bit tipsy. So, when they all played some games, these two hotties were to kiss one another passionately if they had lost. And low and behold they did. And they did lose big time. Well today you get to see them as they pay their dues.

As everyone incites these two beauties to get on with it, they want to make sure they do this properly; and they did it by removing their tops and showing off their sexy lingerie underneath. Then they start to do the sensual and public make out session and they don’t seem to want to stop. Sure enough everyone wasn’t too surprised to hear that the two also headed together back home. One can only imagine that these two got really horny so they just wanted to continue the wdgirls lesbian fun some more!




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