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Tipsy in the Shower

Hey there again everyone, today we have another superb wd girls update for you. This time the story is about two very lovely cuties as they get to have some fun in the shower for your pleasure. The two ladies have been out all night, now it’s early in the morning and they have stuff to do but they are too tipsy to do them. One of them comes up with the idea that a shower might help with their situation and the other accepts willingly. So click here and see if the plan worked out for these superb chicks.

They were in a hurry to get sobered up and they both entered the shower, but as they were really dizzy they started to fancy one another hot bodies and so they decided to have some extra fun. As they were all naked, these hotties began kissing each other passionately as they massage one another superb bodies. Our tipsy cute babes get around to please each others pussies as well, since no sex session is complete without that. That’s all fellas, come back next week for more awesome wdgirls stories. Until then, bye bye!

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