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We bring you yet another free wd girls update today everyone. This time we have for you one cute and sexy blond with long hair that gets absolutely smashed. Well her female friend has to take care of her this fine day as she can’t just let her hang out all on the floor. She eventually passed out, however way before that you’ll see she even managed to piss all over herself and the floor. It all started with her getting herself dumped by her boyfriend, and heaven only knows why the dude dumped this cutie and drove her to do this to herself. But at least it’s good entertainment by the end isn’t it? Well for you guys at least.

She got her drinking on early in the day for this update and she wouldn’t stop. And like we said, her friend came back from work to see her passed out on the floor. And she had no other option that to take off her clothes and then do her best to take her to bed. We’re sure you would love to see this sexy woman’s fully naked body as she got herself dragged to the bedroom.

If one thing’s sure about all of this, is that she’s going to be in for one massive hangover when she will eventually wake up later. Let’s hope it won’t be too bad though. Also take the time to check out the past stories and enjoy more cute and tipsy babes pissing in lots of unusual places. We’re sure you will enjoy them.



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