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WD Girls Dizzy and Peeing

A new week and here’s a new stunning and fresh wd girls update waiting you, right here. In this one we have for you one more awesome and sexy lady that had too much to drink and made a fool of herself to her friends. Well the thing that happened is a bit funny if you do think about it. It all started with this big crazy party that a couple of friends, that this hottie had, threw and she was invited as well. They were having lots of great time drinking and getting and partying , and our babe was in the mood for some shots and crazy fun.

The main focus of this story is that this lady peed on herself without second thought. And she did so because, everyone seemed to be hugging the bathroom and her turn kept getting skipped. And so, when she got really tipsy she went ahead and just went to the front of the door and started to pee as she was all dressed anyway. She was peeing through her jeans and everyone enjoyed that. We hope you’ll like it and be sure that we will return next week with some more awesome and fresh stories.



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