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WD Girls – Relaxing after party

Hey there everyone, wdgirls is the best place where you can find some hot and sexy women as they get caught in some rather wired poses after they get themselves tipsy after having fun drinking. Today we make our debut on the web with out very first update and in this one we bring you a pair of two very cute and hot ladies that seemed to have hade one too many drinks tonight and they couldn’t go on anymore. Well their helpful friend took them back home tonight and placed them in bed as they were completely tipsy tonight.

Their friend didn’t take too lightly being awaked in the middle of the night to drive them back from their drinking session. And, of course, she got her revenge by taking pictures of these two as they were in their underwear. So enjoy this little nice scene today with these two hotties as they got themselves caught on camera while they were knocked out cold from the drinking. We’ll see you again next week with more.

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